Promo Only Online Developer Web API

Promo Only Online (POOL), a secure music and music video delivery and watermarking system for permanent downloads available to Promo Only subscribers. POOL employs several simultaneous systems in order to bridge the gap of secure delivery, universal compatibility, ease of use, and user accountability.

Our Web Application Program Interface (API) allows your applications to retrieve data from your POOL subscription, view your music catalog in multiple ways, search with advanced options, download music and music videos, retrieve charts and playlists, manage preferences, preview content, build download queues, view download historys, and filter your viewable content to present exactly what is most applicable to your needs.

Based on a REST framework, our Web API endpoints return data in JSON format about tracks, artists, releases, preferences, and searched directly from your Promo Only catalogue. The API also provides access to user subscription data such as charts and playlists, and the entirety of your subscription music saved in your account. All content is subject to an individual user’s subscription level.

Use of the Promo Only Online developer API requires that you accept our Terms of Use.

Getting Started

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  1. How to make API calls: API Call Tutorial
  2. Authentication with Access Tokens: Access Token
  3. API Call List